Event: “Data at Risk: Rescuing Data Before It’s Gone” with Kernik, Kubas, and Salo

This event will be held on Friday, 13 April, from noon to 2pm in the Carleton IdeaLab (Weitz Center 027).

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Melinda Kernik, Spatial Data Analyst and Curator at the University of Minnesota
Alicia Kubas, Government Publications and Regional Depository Librarian at the University of Minnesota
Dorothea Salo, Faculty Associate at iSchool of the the University of Wisconsin, Madison

This event will be open to Students, Faculty, and Staff of Carleton and St. Olaf.

Data is at risk all around us, whether stored in digital format like files and web pages or analog format like cassettes and floppy disks. Come learn about two different kinds of data rescue initiatives where libraries and others are working to combat this issue of disappearing data. Government data at all levels of government is at-risk of disappearing as content is moved or pulled as time passes, links go bad, or government policies change, and this is where the DataRescue project and other government data preservation initiatives were born. Similarly, formats from the recent past are quickly becoming obsolete and inaccessible as technology changes, but libraries are providing ways to recover this information and convert to more stable formats for long-term preservation.

Data at Risk event poster

This event is generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Broadening the Bridge Grant and cosponsored by Carleton ITS, the Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts at St. Olaf, and the Perlman Center for Teaching and Learning (LTC) at Carleton.