Broadening the Bridge Collaborative Grants:
Project Reports

Broadening the Bridge grant reports

Reports are shared with project leaders, including the colleges' presidents, deans/provosts, treasurers, and library and IT directors. Reports are also used to refine theĀ Broadening the Bridge collaborative grant program.
  • Please provide your name, email address, department, and institution.
  • Please provide the names, departments/offices, and institutions of other project leaders or key participants, such as a visiting speaker or an external consultant. There's no need to list everyone who participated by, say, attending a workshop.
  • How many faculty members from St. Olaf or Carleton participated directly in your project?
  • How many staff members from St. Olaf or Carleton participated directly in your project?
  • How many students from St. Olaf or Carleton participated directly in your project (i.e., were paid with grant funds) or were otherwise directly affected by it (i.e., took a course supported by a grant)?
  • Briefly describe a) what your group did (met, traveled, held a workshop, etc.); b) your conclusions about the value of your project, such as they are; and c) a possible future course of action - including if warranted a follow-up grant request through "Broadening the Bridge".
  • Please provide details regarding your use of the grant funds, including at least information about the anticipated and actual expenses of the project (with dollar figures) and an explanation of any variances.
  • Do you foresee your project having a significant impact on the colleges' libraries or information technology staff or resources? If so, what might those impacts be? (A few examples: assistance from reference librarians or academic technologists, acquisition of new library resources or IT software or hardware, etc.)
  • Do you expect to seek additional support for your project or its outcomes, such as a follow-up "Broadening the Bridge" grant, internal funding from one or both colleges, or an external grant? Can you offer any specific information as to these leads? (The colleges' grants offices will be happy to help find and pursue external funding.)