Provost Marci Sortor and Dean Bev Nagel invite applications for modest additional funding from the colleges’ Broadening the Bridge grant to continue existing collaborative curricular projects.

The joint Broadening the Bridge grant project has entered its final year with a meaningful balance of funding to support additional collaborative curricular activity. To productively use this funding, we have decided to ask previous and current Broadening the Bridge grantees like yourself to consider proposing “continuation projects” that would build on your earlier Broadening the Bridge grant(s). Your ideas can be submitted by the end of August through the online application form below, which asks for
  • a project title
  • a list of participants (1000 characters/100 words)
  • a project abstract (2000 characters/200 words)
  • a budget (2000 characters/200 words)
Bev and Marci will review all of the submissions in early September, requesting additional information as needed and making allocations.
As you contemplate and draft an application for this follow-up funding, please note three key matters:
  1. For full consideration, ideas should be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday, August 31, 2018.
  2. Given the current grant balance, we anticipate being able to make 5-10 new grants of $5,000 – $10,000 each, though we encourage every applicant team to request the “right” amount for its project.
  3. All new projects must be completed, and all funds expended (not just allocated) by Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Questions? Get in touch with the faculty leader or project staff member at your college:

St. Olaf
Marci Sortor, Provost and Dean of the College:, 507-786-3004
Helen Warren, Director of Government, Foundation, and Corporate Relations:, 507-786-3009

Bev Nagel, Dean of the College:, 507-222-4303
Christopher Tassava, Associate Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations: or 507-222-5833

Application for Continuing Grant

  • Please list the participants - names, departments/programs, and college affiliations. (1000 characters maximum, or about 100 words.)
  • Please briefly describe the nature and purpose of the project, being sure to explain how this work extends previous collaborations and how it might lead to a broader collaborative project. Note that the project must be completed by the end of April 2019. (2000 characters maximum, or about 200 words.)
  • Please provide details regarding the expenses of the proposed project, including stipends, honoraria, travel costs, and other expenses. (2000 characters maximum, or about 200 words.)

    A few guidelines as to costs:

    1. Faculty participation in collaborative meetings and retreats should be budgeted at $120 for a full eight-hour workday ($15 per hour, $60 for a half day, $600 for a week).

    2. Costs for meals should be based on the rates for on-campus catering, which are roughly $10-$15 per person.

    3. Stipends for visiting speakers or outside experts can range from about $250 to $500, depending on individual's level of commitment to the project, his/her prominence, and other factors.

    4. Student wages can be calculated at $10.50 per hour, which will include benefits when necessary (i.e., during summer breaks).

    5. Local travel can be covered through mileage (56 cents per mile in private vehicles) or through the use of college fleet vehicles, the rates for which vary.

    6. Travel costs for outside speakers (including airfare, local lodging, and meals as needed - but not an honorarium!) can be budgeted at about $1,000 per trip, though numerous factors can nudge this higher or lower.