IMG_0129In April 2015, Carleton Professor Greg Marfleet led a group of St. Olaf and Carleton students to the Midwest Political Science Association meeting in Chicago, where they presented posters that reflected their work in Marfleet’s course on the political psychology of presidential decision-making. Marfleet had taught the course in the previous fall to students from both colleges with the support of the colleges’ “Broadening the Bridge” grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

IMG_0135“Personality of a President Under Pressure: The Stability and Change of George W. Bush’s Personality in Response to War in the Middle East”
Bayley Alexandra Flint, St. Olaf College
Julia Irons, St. Olaf College
Nicole Nipper, Carleton College
Bradley-Anne Naing, Carleton College
IMG_0134“President Reagan: The Great Communicator?”
Kiersten Patricia Stoeckel, Carleton College
Alyssa Marie-Hughes Berg, Carleton College
Megan Aileen Jekot, Carleton College
Andy Gustafson, Carleton College