Marci Sortor and Beverly Nagel are pleased to solicit a fifth round of proposals for grants to pursue curricular collaboration at St. Olaf and Carleton.

In this round, grants are sought in three categories:

  • Exploration Grants of up to $7,500;
  • Targeted Opportunity Grants of up to $20,000; and
  • Course release funding of up to $50,000.

Other kinds of projects are also welcomed, especially ambitious projects with activities or costs that do not fit strictly within those areas and projects that build on previously-funded projects. Above all, Dean Nagel and Provost Sortor seek proposals that investigate, propose, and implement far-reaching and sustainable changes to the colleges’ curriculum.

Full details are available on the “How to Apply” page, which includes a link to the proposal form.

Proposals must be submitted online by Friday, April 15, for projects that take place primarily (but not only) during summer and fall 2016. (Awards will be announced, and ‪funds made available, by ‪Friday, May 6, 2016.)

Questions? Get in touch with the faculty leader and or project staff member at your college:

St. Olaf
Marci Sortor, Provost and Dean of the College:, 507-786-3004
Helen Warren, Director of Government, Foundation, and Corporate Relations:, 507-786-3009

Bev Nagel, Dean of the College:, 507-222-4303
Christopher Tassava, Associate Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations: or 507-222-5833