The “Broadening the Bridge” project leadership committee availed itself of t-shirts with the project logo. Here, members pose after the March 5 committee meeting.

Leadership Committee (March 5, 2015) v

Leadership Committee (March 5, 2015)

front row, left to right: Bradley Schaffner, College Librarian; Janet Scannell, Chief Technology Officer; Christopher Tassava, Associate Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations; Steven Poskanzer, President; Roberta Lembke, Director of IT and Libraries; Fred Rogers, Vice President and Treasurer.

back row, left to right: Marci Sortor, Provost & Dean of the College; Michael Goodson, Vice President for Human Resources; Janet Hanson, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer; Jennifer Edwins, Assistant to the College Librarian & Bridge Coordinator; David B. Anderson, President; Kerstin Cardenas, Director of Human Resources; Beverly Nagel, Dean of the College. (Not pictured: Helen Warren, Director of Government, Foundation and Corporate Relations.)
(Carleton italicized, St. Olaf underscored.)