Applications – Fall 2017

Apply below by Friday, September 29, for a “Broadening the Bridge” grant to support collaborative projects led by Carleton and St. Olaf faculty and staff members.

Applicants can visit the Awarded Grants page to review the projects funded in the seven rounds of grantmaking to date. 

Application - Fall 2017

  • Please provide the name, email address, and main departmental affiliation for the lead applicants - at least one from each college. (Use the plus sign at right to add additional lines.)
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  • Please list other applicants for the proposed project - names, departments/programs, college or other affiliations. In the case of large teams, a representative few can be listed.
  • One sentence, to be used in publicizing the grant award.
  • Please describe both the project and its potential for developing habits of collaboration or for making courses, programs, and resources more accessible to faculty and students on both campuses. (5000 characters maximum, or about 625 words.)
  • Between 11/1/17 and 6/1/18, more or less.
  • Faculty may request support for a wide range of activities, including research and planning of curriculum (e.g. stipends for two to four weeks of summer work for design of a shared course or course modules); design of strategies to overcome the challenges presented by different academic calendars; travel to visit successful joint programs at other liberal arts consortia; and developing departmental meetings and retreats to discuss existing curricula and potential areas for coordination.

    A few guidelines as to costs:
    1. Faculty participation in collaborative meetings and retreats should be budgeted at $120 for a full eight-hour workday ($15 per hour, $60 for a half day, $600 for a week).
    2. Costs for meals should be based on the rates for on-campus catering, which are roughly $10-$15 per person.
    3. Stipends for visiting speakers or outside experts can range from about $250 to $500, depending on individual's level of commitment to the project, his/her prominence, and other factors.
    4. Student wages can be calculated at $10.50 per hour, which will include benefits when necessary (i.e., during summer breaks).
    5. Local travel can be covered through mileage (56 cents per mile in private vehicles) or through the use of college fleet vehicles, the rates for which vary.
    6. Travel costs for outside speakers (including airfare, local lodging, and meals as needed - but not an honorarium!) can be budgeted at about $1,000 per trip, though numerous factors can nudge this higher or lower.

    Please enter your total request here.
  • $120 for a full eight-hour workday ($15 per hour, $60 for a half day, $600 for a week).
  • Please provide details regarding the costs described above, such as the number of faculty and time allotted to the project, the basis for travel and materials costs, and the nature of the services to be purchased. (1000 characters maximum, or about 125 words.)
  • Please indicate the kinds of additional support from college staff that you you anticipated needing to successfully complete this project.
  • At the moment, what is the likely trajectory of the project after an initial grant period? Could the project as conceived now included the possibility of future funding for a "next step" in the project?

Proposals will be reviewed in October, and decisions announced by October 28.

Questions? Get in touch with the faculty leader and or project staff member at your college:

St. Olaf
Marci Sortor, Provost and Dean of the College:, 507-786-3004
Helen Warren, Director of Government, Foundation, and Corporate Relations:, 507-786-3009

Bev Nagel, Dean of the College:, 507-222-4303
Christopher Tassava, Associate Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations: or 507-222-5833